Tuesday, October 17, 2017

build for a cure

So if you are loving the Block this year, like I am, here is another project Scottie Cam is involved in that you may want to keep an eye on.  (On a Block side note I think Ronnie & Georgia are fabulous & the best entertainment in a long time, and Josh & Elyse are super talented).

Scottie Cam is the ambassador for Build for a Cure, a pretty amazing fund raising project where  McDonald Jones Homes builds a house in just 28 days, fully furnished and finished, to be auctioned off and all funds go to Children's Cancer Institute research.  All trades and materials are pro bono, the land is donated, furniture and accessories from Freedom, appliances from Winning Appliances & Fisher & Paykel.  Such a feel good project.

I am loving the mood of the finishes that the McDonald Jones Homes MyChoice colour team has put together for the build.  Especially that minty tile with the grey tones and crisp whites.  Looking forward to seeing how this all come together with this gorgeous velvet couch and geode are from from Freedom.

You can keep an eye on the build here.  The live auction is on 22 October and I will be checking back in to see how this 4 bedroom home comes together towards the end.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

new season freedom furniture

Just loving this mood board of covetable things from Freedom.  Who knew that I would covet a mustard yellow desk chair.

I have the Kenza rug in white with black markings and I just love this moodier version in inverted colours.  
Love love love the smoked wood dresser and the bedsides to match are fantastic too.  And the brass and bronze tables look fabulous. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

settling into the rental - main bed

Finally getting to share some of our rooms!  You may have seen these on Instagram but I still want to share them on the blog.  Apologies for the dodgy photos, I am still getting my strength back and its iphone pics or nothing at this stage.

First up is the main bedroom.  

This room has lovely morning sun, is long and wide, and has a cold tiled floor (see before pics below).  I knew immediately that I wanted to buy a rug to warm up the cold tile floor, this house is freezing downstairs in winter, and I have been longing for an excuse to get a Moroccan style rug.  I totally love it.  I have read online review complaining that these rugs shed terribly, and admittedly the bedroom is a low traffic area, but we haven't found it to be a problem.  

When we saw the house the bed was set against the far wall which made the room look longer and narrower than it is.  I decided to place the bed against the wall facing the window, makes the proportions work better, and means you see the art above the console as you walk in.  It also meant that I don't have to use the truly hideous high wall lights that I presume are supposed to be bedside lights.  I much prefer using the lamps our our bedside tables as warming light at night, those wall sconces are just cheap and nasty.

You can see below how it was set up, it's ok but those sconces are just to high for bedsides (and ugly to boot) and the room looks elongated and not in a good way.

I repainted the feature wall, which was a cool pale blue to a warm toned grey.  The blue wasn't bad but was quite cold and limits the furnishings you can use in the room.  The grey is a subtle update that makes the space feel modern and cosier.  (Lovely landlord I am happy to paint it back if you want me to).

The console is really to short for the wall, I could make it wider but since we are renting I will probably just live with it.  I really want to update my bedside tables and lamps too, but this will probably wait until we have a place of our own again.
Really it is the art and the carpet that make the space come alive.  It's amazing how having your own things around you makes a space feel like home.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

three birds - the river shack

Well you know I am a huge fan of the Three Birds Renovations ladies and their fantastic work.  They have just started a new project - the River Shack -  and it is amazing as usual.
I absolutely love this kitchen in the River Shack, especially the pendant over the counter and that rug.

Catch up with other episodes on the Three Birds tv channel and then stay tuned for the next video drop on Monday evenings.  

And seriously check out the rest of their projects here if you haven't already.  They are very generous about sharing their sources so its a great resource if you are renovating or updating yourself.  We are looking to buy and renovate ourselves and I am constantly looking into their archives to see what they did.

Friday, August 18, 2017

settling into the rental - miss j

Miss J has a lovely sunny room painted a soft yellow that I don't mind at all.  It doesn't really need much but I miss the peg board and built in desk we had in our old house.  I need to set her up a small drawing desk but don't want to clutter up the room.
We needed a rug for the wooden floor, our bedrooms in the old house were carpeted, and I fell in love with Arro Home's gem crush rug as styled by Black Arrow Co (see above).  I also love the leather bedhead by Heatherly Design.

I ordered the smaller gem rug for Miss J and we just love the cheerful colours in this space.  This is just a corner of the room but you can see how lovely and sunny it is in the afternoon.

The colours in the rug pick up the colours in the vintage posters (you can get a closer look at them here).  

Just a sneak peek, the rest of the room was a total mess which is why it is not in the frame!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Break in communications

So it has been quite a while...
The last few months have been a doozy, we moved house, my daughter was in hospital, and I have been ill for three months after a dental procedure went horribly wrong.

For now we are all settled into our rental, my daughter is fully recovered, but I am still on the road to full recovery.  Right now I need all my energy just to get through the day.  
I will be back, I am just taking the time I need

Thursday, March 30, 2017

its always about the food... by Monday Morning Cooking Club

The wonderful Monday Morning Cooking Club ladies kindly sent me their latest book "Its Always About the Food" to review, and I love it!!!  Its a collection of heirloom recipes handed down through families over the generations.  Those favourite favourites we all associate with home and childhood.  Not only are the recipes amazing, and the photos gorgeous, but each recipe is linked to the person who contributed it

The Coconut and Lime ice cream is very similar to the recipe I have from my own granny, my own favourite favourite.  So of course this was the first recipe I tested and it is delicious.  It tastes rather like a lime cheesecake, and the texture is fabulously smooth and creamy.  See mine below, I was going to shoot a proper photo but the ice cream was devoured on one sitting so this is an insta snap.

My gran's was a coffee icecream, and I have adapted it for chocolate (which is seriously divine).  I always share my recipe when people ask for it (and they always do), because every time somebody makes it my gran, who was very important in my life, is remembered and her memory lingers in this world.
I recommend you try both and let me know which you prefer.  There will be no complaints from your family.

Interestingly this recipe is from a woman whose mother immigrated from Lithuania to Johannesburg where she ran a successful restaurant.  My gran's mother was also a Lithuanian immigrant to Johannesburg which makes me wonder if the recipe is from South Africa, or extends even further back to Lithuania.

Then I made the Indian Fish Curry.  Best..curry...ever!!!!  
It was easier than I expected to make the curry paste from scratch, and seriously the best curry I have cooked.  The curry was fragrant and complex and warm rather than hot.  It was quite simply divine and worth buying the book for alone.

Next we made fish tacos, delish, and the highlight is for sure the red pickled onions that go with it.  We demolished them over the next few days.  Love the gorgeous pink colour the onions go as they pickle.

I am really loving "Its Always About the Food", the third book from the MMCC.  We have many favourites from the first book in the series, my daughter particularly loves the pancakes baked in chocolate milk.  

If you were wondering about the name, these ladies really do meet, every Monday, to cook and enjoy each others company.  It started as a fun pastime, and grown into three books and hundreds or recipes and histories shared.  
You can see how cute they are below.

Well worth picking up for yourself, or as a lovely gift.  Its one of those books that makes you want to get into the kitchen and cook up a feast to share with friends and family.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

mv organic skincare organic beauty products

This recent discovery has changed my skincare routine, and I have never blogged about beauty products before, ever, so you know this must be good.

MV Organic Skincare products are all the good things: organic, simple to use, elegantly packaged, fairly priced.
Better yet they really really work.
And a simple three minute ritual, morning and evening, is all you need to have your skin glowing.  No really, three minutes!  Watch the video below and you will see.

I have been using three of the mv skincare products for a month now and my skin has never felt so soft, so smooth, or looked as good.  

I have never been a huge beauty product user, mainly because I have never really found ones that work for me.  Cleansers strip my skin, makeup remover is either too oily or too stringent, and most moisturisers either leave me feeling they did nothing at all, or make me break out if I use them daily.
But Sharon McGlinchey changed all of this when she gave me three MV Skincare products to try.  

I met Sharon by chance in her new Mosman store, helping with a two person installation job on the new shop fitout designed by a friend of mine.  As I was leaving Sharon gifted me three products to try: the Rose Hydrating Mist, Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser, & Pure Jojoba, and the instruction to watch the video about the Three Minute Ritual.  So I did, and then I tried the ritual out, and now I love them.

The Jojoba removed my make up like magic!  A few drops on a moistened cotton pad, held for 5 seconds over the eyes, and then wiped away lightly.  Much less abrasive than usual and I could see that my skin looked really clean and felt, dare I say it, dewy.

Moisturising is different for night and morning.
At night the ritual is to spritz your face a few times with the Rose Hydrating Mist (to dampen your skin) then apply a 2-3 drops of Jojoba to your palm and smooth over your face with relaxed hands.
Done.  No moisturiser, moisturiser is for the morning.

In the morning spritz you face with the Rose Hydrating Mist, a few drops of Jojoba as before, and then half a pump of the Rose Moisturiser, all smoothed on with relaxed hands.
The Gentle Cream Cleanser can be added to the ritual, but I haven't tried it yet, I plan to.

I haven't talked about the reason Sharon developed the range, or the fact that it is great for people with eczema, acne and other skin problems.  There is lots of information about all these good things here.  I just wanted to share how amazing the products are for me.

The range includes several other boosters, masks, moisturisers & body products, and you can visit the Mosman store for advice, or shop by skin type here.  I highly recommend giving them a try.

Friday, March 17, 2017

neutral natural rental ideas

We finally have a new home!  Now that I know where we are going I am starting to plan where the furniture is going to go, what is going to be stored, and what bits and pieces we need to add to make it feel like home.  So far I am thinking...

I have some of these pieces, or similar ones, already.  I have been hanging out for a ben ourani style carpet for ages, this may finally be the moment especially since the large master bedroom has a cold looking tile floor.  Otherwise its going to very simple, lots of white, green leafy decoration.  A little Bahamas, a little bit Byron bay.  Hopefully a lovely peaceful space to call home while we look for our next project.

Clockwise from bottom left: kenza rig from freedom, malawi chair, belly basket, Jodi vases, brass lamp, white credenza